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Quality: Color, process, description of clarity, security, assembling

The capacity of supplier: production capacity;innovation capability;design capability

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The 14th year,we are always on the path.

It’s just like that we human are meant to feel hungry and the need to eat, toys always appear with kids in our subconscious.Toys are always the best companion for kids, not only for the exquisite Chinese traditional craft dolls, wooden balls, wooden dragonfly with limited designs from hundreds of years ago or the merry-go-around horse, wooden music box, but also for all kinds of toys of education, EQ training, fun wooden toys.Our brand logo is Okeykids, as you can see, there is a thumb up on the logo which means like, praise.We wish for children to gain applaud and hear adults to tell them that they are wonderful, smart and that they are doing ok, to allow kids to grow in an environment with supports, approval.DIY building toys like Tangrams, building blocks, train sets enable kids to practice their motor skills and hand-eye coordinate ability while exploit their imagination.Counting and board games require logical and comprehensive thinking which is all about IQ development while wooden dollhouses, kitchen toys provide situations for kids to simulate how adults behave in different scenes, experiencing how it would feel to be adults for the first times and help kids mature in their EQ.All those indistinguishable toys that you might find simple are in fact brilliant intermediary for parents to teach their kids with fun while playing.The wooden toys are more of a companionship than just toys.


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