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Thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving day

Issue Time:2017-11-23

Today is thanksgiving day,So what is thehistory of Thanksgiving day?
European immigrants in america held a special mean in Novemberof 1621 to celebrate a good harvest.They wanted to thank the native Americanswho taught them how to grow food by asking them to join in the meal.
A yearly day of thanksgiving was held during early U.S.history.In 1863,president Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday.
Today many family prepare a big meal,turkey as maindish,Those who aren't cooking are watching parades and football games on televisionothers perform volunteer service by feeding hunger.
And in my eyes,Thanksgiving day is a holiday that wecan calm down to think about what should we to be grateful. Is the healthy bodyor Family companionship?awakened by lovely dog in the early morning oryourself's hard working?
The thanks giving day's core is just want to tellus,All matters must be grateful,Even there is always a terrible time in life.
Happy thanksgiving day! And when children getgifts today,they will be happy and grateful!

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